Are you a Generous Mind?

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Love must come first

Before you can be generous you must love.

But you ask, "Why can't I simply be generous without all the heartache of loving those I want to share with?"

The answer is simple. Generosity is sacrifice and we don't sacrifice for people we do not love. If you can give someone something without loving them, it isn't generosity. It is something else. Something other than human.

But if you will love those around you, then you will naturally be generous with anything and everything you have.

That means you will be generous with your money, your time, and your ideas. That is what we focus on. We want you to think intentionally about what it looks like when you reach out in love to others by sharing what is on your heart.

What do you know that others don't? What experiences have you had that others haven't had? That is where your Generous Mind can start once you have laid the foundation of love.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Can you waste generosity?

On this blog we talk alot about how you can be a generous mind and share what God has put in your heart. But what about those recieving the generosity? Can it be wasted on those who do not care or learn from what you share?

This is an easy question to grab on to because we always hear about being efficient and effective with our minsitry and our work. People tell us to focus our attention on where we will do the most good.

I am attending the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit and am asking this question because these speakers are giving everyone in attendance the ideas and insights from their heart. But are we as the audience wasting their generosity? Are we minimizing their great sacrifice?

As I have invested years in thinking about what makes being a generous mind so important, my answer has to be "NO!" But why? If I share something that is powerful and you ignore it, then didn't I waste my efforts?

Generosity has two equal parts to it. God is demanding that the giver be generous and the reciever accept the gift with humility and thankfulness. If you are on the stage at the Leadership Summit today or tomorrow, you are responsible to share what is on your heart as effectively as you can. That is what God expects from you. Nothing more.

We can easily complicate the scenario when we try to do God's job by working out how people will recieve what we have to share. But resist this temptation. Your job is to share generously those ideas that God has put on your heart. Let Him orchestrate the ah-ha moments. Many times you will find that your great idea lead someone to have a whole other insight that you could never have orchestrated anyway.

So don't worry about waste - give generously and expect God to do amazing things with your offering.