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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Reflecting on a long trip

Have you ever taken a long trip that has a lot of small destinations built in? I was just on one of those and it is an interesting experience. While there is a big story of the whole trip, there are dozens of little stories about each small piece. It is a great way to look at the journey of our life and then all the small things that happen within that.

Our life's journey - our personal metanarrative - paints one picture. But we have hundreds of smaller pictures being painted. It is a bit like a montage - a picture made up of hundreds of other pictures.

While we are creating this metanarrative we are living out these different smaller stories. Each one will have a resolution and that resolution will be an element of the bigger picture.

I think this is a hard thing to accept. I want to be in control of the big picture and how it comes out but I am not faithful many times in the small stories - in my lack of follow-through on the small stories I loose out on the impact of the greater story.

What small story are you living today?

Generous Minds Interact

One of the most thrilling things about a being a Generous Mind is to see a visible outcome of generosity. So many times your generous interactions go into the subconcious of the world's thought. They have unique impact on individuals, but they can be hard to trace to a specific end.

Our publisher is working on a project that has a unique end. Click on the link in the title above to see the project called "A New Kind of Conversation." It is a blog about Christianity in the 21st Century and a book will be published as a result of that conversation. So all the people interacting with that will make up a body of work that will have value as a finished piece.

I've mentioned Wikipedia in this blog before. They are another example of this generosity. Generous people share what they know about a subject and that becomes part of a body of knowledge that makes up an encyclopedia.

How has your recent generosity of ideas manifest itself?