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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Generously Retelling the Story

One of the most interesting parts of Christmas for us is watching the new and creative ways people share the story of Christ's birth. Every year there are new twists on God's most important story that bring the details to life in unique ways for new generations.

This is a key way to be generous. To tell the Christmas story in a new way is an amazing act of generosity as you generously share your perspective on what God did 2000 years ago.

One example of a creative approach to the Christmas story is the book by Ruth Bell Graham, "One Wintry Night." In this book a little boy from the mountains hurts his ankle on a hike and takes refuge in a cabin built by his grandfather. The grandmother who lives there tends to his wound and tells him a story . . . the whole God story from Genesis to the death of Christ from the perspective of the events of Christmas. This story does an amazing job of putting the larger narrative into the context of Christmas.

As we are reading this story, Ruth Graham is giving us the ability to share the grand narrative with our children in light of the events of Christmas. What a generous gift!

How are you retelling the Christmas story this year and being generous with your perspective?

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Engaging in a Cause will Change Your Life

In today's world everyone says that their product or service will change our lives. We hear ad campaigns say that "This changes everything!" We always wonder, why do we want everything to change anyway? Obviously there is a sense that the change these advertisers are describing will lead to a change that improves our quality of life in some way. But most of the time it simply leads to more discontent.

But with causes that God cares about, this ad copy is actually true.

God uses the causes He puts in our lives to change us in profound ways. Causes do this because they are developmental forces in our lives compelling us to understand God's Kingdom in new ways and then join Him in His Kingdom work.

Good causes do this in small ways by allowing us to taste what God loves and see the impact it has on our lives and those of our family and friends. Usually it is a simple act of filling a shoe box, comparing dirty and clean water, eating a meal with a homeless family, or writing God's Word.

The last one is the one we want to talk about today. Many of you know that we are passionate about Ending Bible Poverty. It is a cause that we think is so critical to seeing more people be about Kingdom work.

One of the groups that is doing excellent work in Ending Bible Poverty is The Seed Company. They take this cause seriously and have done some excellent work in helping people connect with the cause.

One of their latest efforts is to challenge people around the world to Write the Word. This simple act of writing God's Word intentionally has an amazing affect on people. It internalizes the message and allows you to focus on God's Word in a unique way. As people around the world are doing this, they are realizing what Bible Poverty or Bible Riches look like.

Read this post from one of the passionate advocates of The Seed Company and see how they are helping those around them write the Word!