Are you a Generous Mind?

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Engine Behind Your Generous Mind

It is not natural for you or I to be generous. Our nature would have us hoard and store things away for ourselves but generosity requires an outside influence of some kind. This engine of generosity propels us to share even when our sin nature wants to keep it all for ourselves.

So what is the engine that is driving your generous mind? For some people it is the opportunity to have influence. They are driven to be generous in order for others to look up to them. For others the engine is control. They share so that they can be the ones running the show and driving the agenda. Still others might share as a type of currency. They share from their mental storehouse in order to build up credits with others and access their ideas at a later time.

You will notice that all three examples of the engines that drive generosity are about the individual and their wants or needs. Should these be the drivers of generosity? No, they should not. The only authentic driver of generosity is pleasing God. If our hearts are in tune with God's heart and we are striving to love Him and love others, then we will be generous because God demands generosity. If our desire is to please God, then we will have this inner drive to love others that is a powerful engine indeed.

One of the key components of that engine is love. As we love God, He gives us the power to love those around us. Being a Generous Mind is but one demonstration of that love that God gives us for those He puts in our lives. When I think of 1 Corinthians 13:13 where Paul describes faith, hope and love and then stresses the power of love, I can't help but think of love as the fuel that drives our engine of generosity.

This takes us to motivations. It may be very difficult for people to tell which engine is driving your Generous Mind because the results may look very similar. Your engine may be control, but those who are benefiting from your generosity may not readily see that. But while individual instances of generosity may not display your engine, the overall picture of your generosity will surely do so. Over time, the engine behind your Generous Mind will clearly show itself.

So what is driving your generosity?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sharing What Isn't Yours

So here is a question, how can you be generous with ideas that don't belong to you? I don't mean ones you steal . . . I'm referring to ideas that you create as part of your work. They are works for hire; owned by the company you work for.

What is the protocol here. You are a generous person who is committed to sharing what you know. But your ideas belong to the company paying the bills and providing you with resources.

Here are some questions to ask:

1. Will you jeopardize the organization you work for by sharing the information or will you benefit the organization?

2. What is your motivation to share? Are you trying to hurt the organization or impact it's profitability or mission? Or are you trying to help the organization accomplish it's mission in your generosity?

3. Have you talked with your team or your boss about your passion to be generous? Is that passion shared among those you work with?

These are key questions to ask. Think of something you have developed for your company and then ask these questions about it. Does it give you permission to share? If you feel you have permission from the organization, then your next job is to figure out how to be generous with what you are working on.