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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Love must come first

Before you can be generous you must love.

But you ask, "Why can't I simply be generous without all the heartache of loving those I want to share with?"

The answer is simple. Generosity is sacrifice and we don't sacrifice for people we do not love. If you can give someone something without loving them, it isn't generosity. It is something else. Something other than human.

But if you will love those around you, then you will naturally be generous with anything and everything you have.

That means you will be generous with your money, your time, and your ideas. That is what we focus on. We want you to think intentionally about what it looks like when you reach out in love to others by sharing what is on your heart.

What do you know that others don't? What experiences have you had that others haven't had? That is where your Generous Mind can start once you have laid the foundation of love.

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