Are you a Generous Mind?

Are you a Generous Mind? If you are intrigued by the idea, this is a place to explore what it means to you. Our blog focuses on helping you to learn what it means to be generous with what you know. You will find helpful tips and encouraging examples that will inspire you to release your ideas to the world! Find out more at

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Generosity is Determined

I am reading a biography of William Wilberforce - the British politician who pushed the abolition of slavery through Parliament. It is fascinating. He spent years and years working towards this goal. Every time he spoke, it was on this topic or was related in its moral focus. He was dedicated.

Many times you want to be generous with an idea but people don't want it. Usually we think of ideas as hot ticket items that people want to steal, but it is more often than not the reverse. We must be convinced that God wants us to share an idea and persistently look for the right ground on which it will grow. That can take years or maybe it will not even be in our lifetime.

Are we that committed to sharing what we know?

New Blog is Live

Well, our new blog is live. This is going to be an exciting topic because it will be gathering all of the key characteristics of a 21st Century missionary into one place. We will be helping all of the Recruitment people around the world be Generous Minds and share their thoughts.

One of the keys to helping Generous Minds is to provide a forum that they feel is legitimate. That is why it is great to partner with Urbana. They are known for helping missions to connect with the next generation so they are willing to share through Urbana.

Always be looking for legitimate gatekeepers. They hold the keys to unlocking generosity.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

New Urbana Blog

I am starting a new blog for It is called Missional Hands and it will be interviewing recruiting personnel from ministries around the world to ask them this key question: "What is the most critical skill necessary to be a missionary in the 21st Century?"

I hope that you can be a part of that blog as well. This is a critical topic and we need to be generous with our ideas about it. I will be sharing thoughts on this blog about it as well.

New Book is an example of Generosity

We are very excited to be publishing a new book that should come out late 2006. The book will be about Innovations in Missions and is being published by Paternoster/Authentic Press (

The book is being edited by myself and Rev. Jim Reapsome. We have about 10 authors who have each written chapters for the book. The amazing thing is that these 10 innovations in missions fit together so well. They create a look at what we are calling holistic innovation. It is a mixture of academic thinking and real life doing. These innovations won't just be cool things in a laboratory. They are or have been tried with varying degrees of success.

So many times people don't know what it takes to innovate. The hope is that this book will open people's eyes to new ways of doing missions and also educate people on the process of innovation that they can begin to use.

Innovation is discipline and this book is a wealth of generosity about how different people have disciplined themselves to create new solutions.

We will update you all more when we know the availability dates.