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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A blog post defending the small things God is doing

Today I responded to Sam Rainer, a local pastor, author and blogger for Outreach Magazine, on twitter. I don't often do that but I wanted to speak to his comment with a very specific thought. Now I need to preface my thought with the fact that I can't read Sam's mind and he may have very different ideas of what these words meant. I'm not judging him or his motives. More than anything these words are an opportunity to share an idea that has been growing in my heart.

Here is Sam's tweet and then my response:
SamRainer: Meeting with our long-range planning committee. Since God is controlling our future, we're planning for big things.

Generousmind: @SamRainer: What if God has small things planned instead? God doesn't always use our metrics for success!

Here is my thought: Is it possible that the God who loves us has small things for us to do rather than big things? In our culture we tend to value the big and set the small things aside. But as I have been working with churches on discipleship models I am realizing something pretty amazing - the small things really count!

What do I mean? When you tweak a small thing, big things can result. They may not look like big things to the world but they are big in the lives of those who are being transformed in Christ. For instance. You might modify an event ever so slightly to include prayer in an authentic and incarnational way. It might only be 10 minutes of the event but it might change the whole dynamic of your evening!

I guess that is the main issue. Becoming more like Christ seldom looks big or impressive. Usually it looks unimportant and humble. But in God's economy it is all that matters.

So Sam, I am so glad you are planning ahead and that you are expecting big things from God. I just pray that if God sends small things you will be just as grateful. I'm sure you will!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Sharing of Quotes

Have you noticed that sharing quotes on facebook, twitter, email footers, etc is continually growing in popularity. There is something about a pithy quote that stirs us. Maybe it is that someone else can say what we do not have the courage to speak out for ourselves. Maybe it is that by quoting a person we admire we can connect with them in a unique way. I'm sure there are countless reasons.

But the fact remains that our lives are now awash in quotes.

Now I am not bemoaning this fact. I share many of my own and I collect quotes to use in writing and presentations. The big question in my mind is this:

"How would a Generous Mind share quotes?"
Here are some thoughts that you can think through next time you are about to Retweet that great piece of wisdom:
1. A Generous Mind would add why they like the quote to the posting of it.
2. A Generous Mind would target quotes to people who they felt could benefit from it.
3. A Generous Mind would ask others why they posted the quote that they did.
I hope you can apply one or more of these ideas next time to share a quote that comes across your desk!