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Monday, January 25, 2010

Prayer for Haiti

We are all overwhelmed with the needs in Haiti, but where do we start. We believe firmly that we start with prayer. That is what we are doing in our church and in our family and we would ask you to join us in that. Jon has created a 30 Day Prayer Guide for Haiti with Eric Foley as part of their work with .W (doers of the Word - Take a minute to visit Eric's blog and download the prayer guide. And please be sure to share here how you and your family are responding.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Being Generous in Tragedy

When a tragedy strikes today we are immediately surrounded by words and images. We sit in our living rooms and stare at the screen insure of what to do. After all, you are sitting in relative luxury and looking into utter chaos and disaster that is only made possible by technology.

So what do you do? Many of us pick up the phone or go to our computers and make a gift. Usually we do this for a mixture of reasons. We want to feel like we did something. We want to ease our guilt. We want to make a difference. The reasons go on and on.

But as we are watching the images from this latest tragedy in Haiti, I would like to ask you to be generous in a different way. Here are some simple things that take a very different spin on how we as generous minds should response:

  1. If you don't know anything about Haiti, go to the CIA Factbook and get some understanding so that you can pray.
  2. Share what you have learned with a co-worker, someone in your family or someone at church.
  3. Pray with your family for the victims and talk about the tragedy with your kids.
  4. Give in community. Instead of making giving an isolated effort, give with your family, your church or your work. Transfer some of what you have learned to others and challenge them to action as well.
  5. Find out if there are Haitian churches in your city and reach out.
  6. Search the Bible and ask the questions about this kind of suffering and why God allows it.

Our actions are usually so isolated. We assuage our emotions and respond based on our experiences. But a Generous Mind responds by sharing, connecting and bringing something they care about to a larger community.

Will you do that in this tragedy? Will you be a Generous Mind for the people of Haiti?