Are you a Generous Mind?

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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Do you have a rainbow on your head?

There are many aspects of being a generous mind. Most of the time the ideas that we think about focus around our personal generosity. We are an individualistic culture and we think about concepts like this from our personal vantage point. But stop to consider generosity from another perspective.

It is also generous when you help someone else unlock an idea that they have. You are helping/coaching/mentoring them in the discovery and unleashing of their idea. In this case your act of generosity is seeing an idea in someone else and helping them to bring it to life.

I thought of this concept today as we were driving home from the video store. We saw the most incredible rainbow. The colors were vibrant and clear. As we neared our home we realized that the end of the rainbow was in our neighborhood - so we went hunting for that pot of gold :). Actually we just wanted to see how close we could get to the end. As you know the ends of rainbows are pretty elusive, but finally we came to our local park and the end was hitting an area near some condos.

As I watched the beautiful colors of the rainbow disappear where the condos began, I wondered, "Do the people sitting in those homes realize a rainbow is on their head?" Most probably they didn't. So they were sitting in their homes watching TV, eating dinner or doing any other normal activity without knowing that this glorious array of color was gracing their homes.

That is how it is with ideas. Sometimes people are walking around with amazing ideas and are just to close to the concepts to understand how exciting they are. The job of a generous mind is to see it and to help that person to realize what they have come up with and how to share it.

So do some of your friends, co-workers or family have rainbows landing on their heads? Let them know about it.