Countdown to 300 . . . Our most viewed posts

Photo by Seven Shooter on Unsplash

We are so thankful to each of you who have spent time reading our thoughts on what it means to be a Generous Mind. Sometimes the posts have been very focused and other times we have simply shared our lives with you. We would like to think that the posts have reflected our lives, passions and friendships on this journey into generosity of the mind. 

As a way of honoring you, the reader, we wanted to include a curation of the posts that you read the most. Here is a grouping of them in no particular order and some thoughts about what was significant about them. If you have other thoughts about what you loved about these posts, please share!

Explore Mindy's thoughts as she evacuated our home in Colorado while Jon was at the MAI Board meetings in Chicago.

Read the tweets Jon shared during the launch of the 2010 Operation World book. 

Mindy shares a review of the movie of Rich Mullin's life. Rich was a hugely impactful figure in both of our lives. 

Our friend Joe Handley shares two posts that highlight his passion for generosity and for sharing his work and experiences with the world. 

Our friend David Soper shares his insights from the 2012 Global Leadership Summit

Jon shares about his decision to take the role as Director of Program Innovation at SIL after wrapping up the ministry of GMI. 

Pandemic Related Posts:

Read about how to combat the barriers to service during a pandemic.

Read our thoughts on how to make decisions about travel in the midst of a pandemic.

During the pandemic, there were a million small opportunities to be generous. Here are 30 that we identified. 

Jon hosted a Generous Mind Conversation where he brought innovation practitioners and nonprofit leaders together to talk about what innovation might look like in the midst of and following a pandemic.