Generosity breeds generosity!

At note from the Generous Mind Team:
The next two posts are by Joe Handley, president of Asian Access who shares about how generosity breeds generosity and how there is a generous spirit behind a new wave of collaboration in missions. Thanks, Joe for your willingness to share. Make sure to follow him on twitter. And read his post below:

Asian Access has been investing in key leaders of leaders for the Church of Asia for over 30 years. For the last 10-15 years now, we have seen pastors share resources in increasing fashion.

Why are they so generous?

The short answer is that they have been blessed in their own lives, families and ministries. So they simply want to pass that blessing on to others. These pastors have greatly enhanced what they've learned by reproducing it several times over.

In one of the largest countries in the world, the unique leader development model has been triplicated. The country director and leadership team, all volunteers, have asked Asian Access to invest in their mega-cities with top-tier leaders, while they take the model to the provincial capitals, essentially without outside help. Furthermore, those second tier trained leaders take what they have learned to the smaller cities to a third tier of leaders. Interestingly, those smaller cities are often 1M+ in population.

This reproduction is happening differently in India. There the country leaders, again volunteers, have multiplied the model through regional training, and those efforts are being reproduced throughout their cities and nearby towns.

Country after country, from Cambodia to Mongolia, is reproducing this type of fruit. Here are a few stories to show how generosity breeds generosity:
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Have you been blessed by something? How can you pass that blessing onto others? I'd like to hear your stories.