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Monday, October 01, 2012

A Generous Vision

What does it look like when you are generous with vision? Well, of course it means that you are sharing your vision with others freely. But does it mean more than that?


Being generous with your vision means that you are generous in its creation as well as its dissemination. It is easy to share what you are striving to promote and raise awareness for. It is much harder to share in the process of creating that vision.

But that is what makes all the difference. If you will share in the creation of your vision, then you are not just one more person peddling ideas out there. Instead you have a team of people around you who have participated in developing an idea and have bought in to seeing it become a reality.

But to be generous is always to give up control. When you share something, you loose at least a part of it. You relinquish your full control for the benefit of others. Are you willing to relinquish control of your vision in order to see many more own it and push it forward?

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