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Monday, June 15, 2009

A Generous Performer

I saw a great example of being a Generous Mind at church yesterday. Usually we have a drummer who sits behind the plastic shields and does his thing. But this Sunday they were using some bongo drums and creative percussion instruments - like those rainmaker sticks.

Anyway, there was a man playing percussion and next to him was, I assume, his son. His son was on several of the smaller instruments. He did a wonderful job, but I could tell that this was a father who was teaching his son.

What an amazing thing to watch a father trust his son in front of a big crowd and to watch the son follow the dad's lead as they worked through each song. I could see a father who had invested in his son in a special way.

What a challenge to us. How are we being generous with what we know? How are we taking those ideas and proactively sharing them with many more people?


David said...

Hello John and Mindy,

Thanks for your faithful posts that are both fascinating and stimulating.

Will certainly be following the blog with minterest.

May I post the "Generous Performer" entry onto our Generosity website:



Jon and Mindy Hirst said...


thanks for your comment and your site looks very interest. Yes you can post it as long as you provide a link back.