Who Will Be Singing Songs?

"On the day when a pandemic darkens the door of this world and threatens the work of God’s people on every continent, will the only sound be the sound of sirens? Who will be singing songs, who will be writing poems, and who will be telling the stories of faith?" (From Serving Effectively in the Face of a Pandemic)
These words were written at the end of the SARS Outbreak and they ask an important question. I'm happy to say that this pandemic has answered the question with conviction. There have been countless songs sung to bring hope; while others have been sung from places of great sorrow. Both have lifted the human spirit and shown us that God is with us even in the midst of this crisis. 
Two songs in particular have greatly impacted the Protestant community and I wrote blog posts for both of them. While both songs have been a blessing to me, my blog posts are not reflections on their personal significance. Instead they are tools to help you use these songs as you lead others in prayer, worship and deeper faith. I hope these two resources help you. 

Way Maker: Use this song to lead others into deeper understanding of who God is and how He is at work in their lives. Read more here.

The Blessing: Use this song to accept this Biblical blessing and then pray it over the nations as they seek peace in difficult times. Read more here.