Poetry in a Pandemic

There are certain things you simply can't say with prose. The logic and the design do not communicate what the heart is striving to unlock. Sometimes poetry is the key to processing something as complex as the Coronavirus Pandemic. And in that processing, those struggling through it with you are humanized, your insights are clarified and new innovative ideas emerge. 

Recently both Jon and Mindy wrote poems about different pandemic experiences. Take a moment to read their efforts to make sense of this pandemic through poetry. 

What I'm Learning About Grief 
by Mindy Hirst

What I’m learning about grief surprises me
Not always is it cancer’s crime
in a grandfather’s still face
or a friend’s tumor-filled ultrasound ... (Read More)

The Handshake 
by Jon Hirst
I shoke my neighbor's hand today
and in that split second
saw an expression of thankfulness 
for a job well done ...