God, Germs and Global Missions

When crisis hits people long for what is familiar, comforting and encouraging. This was on full display when nations started going into lockdown earlier this year. People sought out their favorite music, the voices of their pastors and the solace of friends . . . but all virtually. 

But what happens to those things that aren't so comfortable; not so natural to do? Well, those things generally are put to the side. And that is what we saw with the Missions Programs in churches around the world. Suddenly church was a facebook live feed and a set of Zoom boxes. In that mix, it has been hard to make missions thinking, prayer and action a top priority. 

That is why we partnered with Sixteen:Fifteen and Within Reach Global to do two webinars called "God, Germs and Global Missions." The first episode focused on a key concepts and ways of thinking to bring missions into a church in lockdown. The second episode focused on practical tools and tips to support global missions engagement post-pandemic. Take a moment to watch both of these webinar videos:

Watch the Webinar Video
Watch the Webinar Video