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Monday, August 05, 2019

Beyond #ThoughtsandPrayers

"There is something deeply hypocritical about 
praying for a problem you are unwilling to resolve." 
Miroslav Volf

After the tragic events of this weekend, we are faced yet again with the complete inadequacy of simply sending out our condolences. At the same time, beyond condolences, what might we do about the spiraling hate and violence that we are witnessing?

We get stuck because there does not seem to be a practical next step for the average citizen to take. But that is actually not the case. We would like to propose that there is a next step that will help you authentically live out your faith while engaging with a hurting world. As a way to change the conversation, would you consider taking these four steps this week:

  1. Search out a friend that is on the opposite side of the gun control issue than you are and take them out for coffee or lunch. Ask them specifically about why they believe as they do and how they are coming to grips with these horrendous mass shootings. 
  2. Read the proposals that your various elected officials have put out on how to deal with gun-related tragedies. Compare them with your own understanding of the issues. Read up on what the experts say about the complexity of the bigger issue. 
  3. Google a trusted charity who is responding to these latest shootings and help support their work. Here is one in El Paso and one in Dayton. If you live close enough, volunteer with a charity that is supporting those impacted. If you don't live very close, consider making one of these towns your next vacation destination and invest in their economy in a tangible way.
  4. With #1-3 done, now search your heart for what God is saying to you and how He is helping you to grow as you respond. Write down the prayer that He brings to your mind and share that prayer specifically with friends and family (and maybe even on social media). 
When our thoughts and prayers come out of relationship, deepening understanding and action, then they have meaning and authenticity.

As I write this post, my thoughts go to E. Stanley Jone's words, "What are suffering Christians to do? They can say to themselves: 'I cannot determine what happens to me, but I can determine what it will do to me after it does happen. It will make me a better person and more useful.' That is victory."

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