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Monday, September 18, 2017

A Few Square Feet of Generosity

Photo from the Little Free Library site.
I've recently become aware of an amazing movement (50,000 strong) that was sitting in my back yard. It is called The Little Free Library and the concept is simple. People all over the world sign up to be the steward of a Little Free Library and either build our buy a small library box that sits  on their property in a place that is accessible to the community. Then they begin to build a network of people in the community that will put a book in every time they take one out.

This simple concept creates a physical space for generosity. By putting up this little box and inviting your neighbors to take from it and give to it, these stewards have created a tangible place to practice being a generous mind.

Being generous with ideas is often a very cerebral affair. That is why generous minds tend to be known for books, lectures, TED Talks, coaching, mentoring and the like. But what The Little Free Library does is give actual physical space to the discipline of being a generous mind. I now have somewhere I can go on a regular basis to see what someone else has been reading and share with my neighborhood the ideas I treasure and value.

As you practice generosity with ideas, consider ways to make that act tangible for those around you. Don't let your discipline reside in your mind alone but give it that physical outworking that allows those around you to understand the gift you are giving and participate in it.

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