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Sunday, March 30, 2014

You are Known by What You Share

Today on Twitter Cathy Day shared "You are what you read." I have heard multiple versions of this quote over the years. Another popular version is "You are what you measure." The main idea behind these quotes is that our actions reveal something very significant about who we are as individuals.

As I thought about Cathy's tweet, I decided to write back with this addition, "You are known by what you share." While what you read ends up making you who you are, what you share is what defines how people know you. It will paint you as a radical, a friend, an intellectual, a humorist, a profane person or a person of great principle.

As I considered this idea, I thought about the fact that we can shape how we are known by what we choose to share. Are we sharing on particular issues? Maybe we have a cause that drives our Generous Mind. Or perhaps we are sharing about family and friends and that is what defines our generosity.

Whatever we share, we need to be aware of the huge impact it will have on our reputation. Now, that should not be the reason you share things, but it is one of the results of being a Generous Mind. The more you share, the more people have insight into what you are reading, thinking and doing -- thus the more insight they have into who you are!


David said...

Thanks for sharing this insightful post. Do trust you are all doing well.


david said...

Thanks for this insightful post and for your ongoing input through the site.