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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Generosity Requires Margin

Think back to a time when you effectively shared an idea or experience with another person. Consider your state of mind . . . what your day was like . . . what led to the conversation. It is very likely that you are remembering a moment when you had time to think, interact and be intentional. Most of the moments when we model the ideas behind being a Generous Mind best are moments with margin.

This is common sense but it escapes us so often. How could we have the space and forethought to share our ideas when we are rushing to appointments, cramming for tests or thinking about 20 other things besides the people we are standing in front of? The answer is, "It isn't possible." Being a Generous Mind requires margin in our lives.

This point was brought up by an executive of an organization that we have been talking with about our Generous Mind Mentoring Program. As he thought about the opportunity and his current life situation, he responded that he did not feel like he had the margin necessary to do it justice.

We are so glad he was in tune with his life and current situation to recognize his lack of margin for the mentoring process. And at the same time, his comment brings up a very important issue.

If we were to poll each of you reading this post today, most would say the same thing. So the questions is, "Is it ok for us to be living lives with no margin for generosity?" The answer, of course, is no. But the solution is not so easy. The reason for our answer is very simple - our lives our too busy.

But the busyness is not easy to get rid of. Our economic models, social circles and personal/professional growth trajectories have created lives that require breakneck speeds. Slow down and the wheels come off. That means that our lifestyles are only sustainable without the margin we truly need to be generous.

There are no easy ways to slow down your life because inserting the margin will require tough life choices. But if someone were to try it, one thing is for sure . . . they would have time to tell someone about it over coffee and may just inspire another person to make the switch.

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