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Thursday, August 01, 2013

Japanese Intermission

This entry is a part of a series from July 29-August 13. Join me in taking your family on a World Tour Vacation at Home using the Operation World prayer guide.

We've been watching different Disney movies as a family to get ready for our trip in October. We've been putting off the Robin Hood request because it’s just so long for an after dinner movie. Tonight we broke it in two parts and visited Japan during intermission with our chocolate surprise (which was a shared Hershey milk chocolate bar).

I gave the kids paper and pencils and had our oldest tell us about the Japanese art style manga. Then I let them draw as we talked. I gave them each a “test” question to guess at.
  1. Is Japan landlocked, an island or a peninsula?
  2. True or false: There are many immigrants in Japan.
  3. True or false: The Japanese can believe in whatever religion they choose.

We also talked about prayer requests. This is what I appreciate most about Operation World, the prayer requests. Tonight we prayed:
  • That the people of Japan would understand the Bible since it is not easy to understand within their culture. This is where our oldest told us about Manga Messiah she found at the library that might be a help to Japanese trying to understand the Scripture.
  • That the people of Japan would see that Jesus is not only God to other countries, but for them as well.
  • That God would take care of the rising numbers of older people and that they would come to know Jesus in their old age.

Good intentions
It was all I could do today to follow through on this trip. Much of motherhood is pushing through. Whether it is cleaning a bed in the dark of night or slathering sunscreen on a moving target, sometimes it is just about getting the job done and being consistent. Maybe I don’t have extra creativity to give, but I can give all I have for the day and trust that God will make up the difference—even if it means letting something go for the day.

Until tomorrow! Blessings…

Answers: 1) A group of islands. Four large and 3000 small. 2) False. Only 1.5 percent of those living in Japan are not indigenous. 3) True. Religious freedom is written into their constitution.

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