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Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Generous Mind is Optimistic

"The prospects are bright as the promises of God." - Adoniram Judson

A fundamental characteristic of a Generous Mind is optimism. An optimistic attitude is so critical because we must feel that the ideas God  has given us can make a difference.

If you don't feel what you know is worth sharing, what are the chances you will share it? But a healthy optimism will create that passion to see an idea spread.

Optimism helps you:

1. Stay the course when you hit challenges.
2. Communicate your idea clearly and passionately.
3. Illustrate how your idea can make real change in the world
4. Identify with others who are seeking insight more readily.

If you have not had much success sharing your latest idea, ask yourself this question: "Do I feel that my idea can make a real difference in people's lives?"

If you don't feel that it can, then put it away and wait till you can answer "YES!"

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