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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Generosity in an Age of Surveillance

All over the world we are becoming more and more aware of those who are watching us. Whether it be a government, a "big data" corporation or our home owners association, there are cameras everywhere who are trying to turn surveillance into political and commercial advantage.

And it is in this environment that we are called to be generous. But being watched tends to discourage our generosity. We don't know how our actions will be interpreted or if our ideas will then be used for purposes beyond our control.

In this environment the tendency is to "circle the wagons" and try and regain control over our lives. We reason that once we have control we will be able to share our resources freely again. We assume that our generosity is only valid if we manage how it is received.

But that rationale goes against the very grain of being a Generous Mind. When we stipulate that our generosity will only flow when we are in control of our surroundings, we guarantee that we will never share much of anything.

Instead, generosity is about realizing that God is in control and that He will use the gift we give how He wants. Do you believe this? If you do, then give what you have freely and let those who are watching see how God will work!

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