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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Freedom leads to Generosity

This afternoon our daughter was entertaining herself by writing poems. It was so much fun to watch her get so much joy out of the fun little poems she was crafting. Then she looked over at me and said, "You have freedom when you write poems!"

What an amazing statement from a young learning mind!

What was she saying? She was recognizing that with freedom come ideas. When we feel free, we are released to dream, imagine and think new thoughts. In contrast, when we are captive our creativity and thinking are held back and controlled by others.

Freedom creates the environment for new ideas. And the result of a free mind is that it is open to sharing its ideas with others because others have allowed it the freedom to think.

Freedom thus predisposes its beneficiary to be a Generous Mind. A natural response to our freedom is to be free with what our freedom has produced.

Are you free today? Do you feel empowered to think and create or are there forces in your life holding you captive. Only a soul that is free to think will be a generous soul.

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