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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Will They Rise to the Challenge?

One of the things that I know tugs at the hearts of thought leaders who are seeking to be Generous Minds, is the question, "Will the people I give my ideas to respond with equal generosity?"

That is a valid question. In so many situations, we see people give of themselves only to have the recipients squander the gift. It's one thing if it is money but when it is a cherished idea, the squandering seems so much more personal.

So as we stand on the verge of sharing our next thought, we ask the question and consider whether our audience is worthy of our generosity.

But that is the wrong consideration. It is not about whether the audience is worthy of the idea we are about to share. Instead, we should consider whether we are ready to share it. In the end, we can only have control over our own actions and motivations. So asking if the audience will rise to the challenge goes beyond our sphere of influence.

The bigger question, as I stated above, is whether our hearts are ready to be generous no matter what the outcome is. That is when we know it is time to share the idea in front of us.

Are you paralyzed by your desire to see your ideas take off or are you focused on the right spirit of motivation in your generosity? The second is a much more worthy and attainable effort.

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