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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Innovation is Key to Engagement

I'm reading the book "Lincoln on Leadership" by Donald Phillips. It is an amazing read focused on the leadership lessons we can take from Lincoln's life and work. But one piece of info struck me as I was reading. Did you know that Lincoln is the only president to own a patent?

I started thinking about how innovation changes how a person engages with the world. Lincoln was obviously someone who was always reading, thinking and reframing things in new ways. This led to his patent, but more importantly it led him into a way of engaging with the world.

How did his innovative spirit help him in the White House? Here are a few thoughts:

  1. New Perspectives: As an innovator, Lincoln could see things in new ways and from different perspectives. This allowed him to look at the extremely challenging situation during the Civil War and find ways to move the country forward.
  2. Belief in People: Innovators believe in the creative abilities of people. That means that they believe people are capable of doing extraordinary things. I'm sure Lincoln's belief in his staff and generals was critical to their success.
  3. Vision of the Future: When we innovate, we are imagining the future in a new way. Lincoln had to imaging a new future of the entire country!

Are you an innovator? How is your ability to innovate giving you the edge in your efforts to engage your world?

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