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Monday, October 15, 2012

Pastors as Generous Minds

With this being Pastor Appreciation Month, it seemed fitting to ask the question, "In what unique ways are pastors Generous Minds?"

Well, this sacred calling is definitely a generous one. Think about the time that most pastors spend praying beside bedsides, pouring over sermon notes or teaching in small groups or classes? Each of those opportunities allows them to be generous with what God has put on their hearts.

But one of the greatest spaces where I have seen a pastor's generosity is over a cup of coffee or a lunch table. If you look at the calendars of most pastors, you will see them littered with meet ups like these. They are having coffee with someone who has just started attending the church or they might be having lunch with an elder.

These times of more focused and intentional conversation are where pastors get to be the most generous. They take from the rich soil of their studies and apply it to the unique and individual situations of those that sit in front of them.

Have you ever had lunch with your pastor? If not maybe this is the month to schedule an appointment. I hope that it will be yet another opportunity for your pastor to be a Generous Mind as he ministers alongside you in your local community.

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