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Saturday, October 06, 2012

I'm too busy to share today!

What causes life to be so busy that you don't have time to share what you are thinking with others? Well, it is always a combination of things that swirl around you like a tornado descending on your house.

The pressure at work, the activities of the family, the social obligations of church and community, along with all the interactions you have with friends combine to form a wall of confusion in our minds that shut everything down.

The sheer level of activity cause us to bottle up what we are thinking, put our heads down and try and push through the busyness. How many times have you gone out with your significant other after not having a date for a long time and realizing that you have bottled up your ideas for so many days that you can't get them flowing again!

Busyness does shut down generosity. It makes us the focus of our every move and we end up loosing sight of how we should be investing in others. We must make generosity a discipline that fights against the busyness of the day.

We can start by creating spaces to share with others. They might be the meals with share with family, co-workers or friends. It could be a weekly Bible study we attend. For others it might be a friend you call on the phone each week. Whoever and whenever it is, we must make sharing with others a regular part of our lives or the flow of ideas will dry up and our minds will cease to be a blessing to others.

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