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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Let's Be Friends

"Letting go of control builds friendship." Patrick Fung

When we are generous we loose control of the thing we used to possess. It is now out there . . . available to others and outside of our control. That scares many people but it shouldn't. Why? Because when our things go beyond our control they are able to accomplish so much more.

This is especially true in relationships. As we approach people from a posture of generosity with ideas, time and resources, we look very different to them. Sales people look a certain way because of control. A sales person has control of an asset and is trying to get you to purchase that asset. They want to transfer it to you for a fee.

When we come with a posture of generosity, people's guard drops. They see us as friends. We are people with their best interest in mind. We are not trying to manipulate them, convince them or butter them up for our purposes. We are there to share something we feel will benefit them.

So if you are looking for deep friendships to develop as you engage, start by being generous and letting go of control. See where God takes the relationship from there!

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