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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Don't Miss Any Opportunity to be Generous

Our Generous Mind team attended the International Christian Retailing Show a few weeks ago. It was a great time to connect with publishers and authors as we strive to help mentor thought leaders in building long-term platforms to share their ideas. We had so many great conversations.
One of those conversations was with an author named Ron Wagley, retired president, CEO and chairman of Transamerica Insurance. What an amazing and godly leader with a servants heart. He shared his passion for discipleship and how that passion produced his new book "Finding Strength in Tough Times."
We talked about the lessons he had learned as he discipled people from his community and church. We learned about his heart for reaching out to other CEOs and his love of golf. He showcased what it meant to be a Generous Mind!

Just a few days after that event we learned that he passed away suddenly from a heart attack. What sad news. It was tragic to hear of such a passionate servant loosing his life so suddenly.

But as I thought about meeting him just a week earlier, I rejoiced in one thing. He was faithful in God's call to be a generous mind. Sure he could have put off gathering his thoughts, capturing his insights and producing a book. But he didn't. He obviously felt God wanted him to share what he had learned and now we will benefit for years to come even as he is worshiping next to his Savior.

It reminds me of the urgency that comes with all of God's directives on our lives. If God is challenging you to do something, like being a generous mind, don't wait. This might be the very moment when he wants you to impart those ideas and you may not get another chance. Or maybe you will . . . the point is obedience.

Just like Ron responded in obedience and left his legacy in this book, along with many other ways, God wants you to respond to his challenge on your life today. Will you?

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