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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Publishing Tweets from the MAI Board Retreat

I'm writing from the MAI Board Retreat. MAI is a author/publisher training ministry that goes to the hardest places and equips local voices to write for their countries. This morning we had Dan Balow, publisher from, come and share about some key trends in publishing. Here are some of the tweets I shared this morning.

The message is the message rather than the medium being the message. Format is becoming less critical.

Now books can be continually updated so that each #book is a living product rather than something that's finished & done. @danbalow #MAI

"Minimum Viable Product" means creating creating products based on the need rather than print standards or industry expectations. #MAI

What is agile #publishing? Teams of editors, sales, marketing, design etc working together to produce products. @danbalow #MAI

"Publishers need to develop direct relationships with their consumers." Dan Balow #MAI #publishing #author #books

Hearing @danbalow talk about O'Reilly tools to help authors/editors work together. Very interesting.

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