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Monday, May 28, 2012

Helping Kids be Generous

Sometimes kids need help being generous. It's not that they don't have amazing ideas to share and creative ways to share them. However, sometimes they need to see that adults want to hear their ideas.

Today is Memorial Day in the US and we are celebrating those who have served and those who serve in our military. So we asked our kids to create a picture that would highlight how thankful they are to these soldiers who have sacrificed for them.

Here is what they produced:

Our oldest is into cats, so she produced this image of a warrior cat thanking the troops. If you like young adult cat fiction, make sure to check out her blog: Oneclaw Media.

Our second created this note to his great grandpa who served in World War II and  his grandpa many times removed who served in the Civil War. It is wonderful to see his desire to connect with those who have come before. When we told him he couldn't use his name he decided that Oto was a good pen name.

Our youngest can't write much yet so she drew this. At first she didn't like the idea of her work being on the Internet but then she warmed to it. We love the way she made the lines different and so colorful. We never did get a clear story about what this represents.

We hope that these three simple examples showcase how children can be generous when given a platform to share what is on their heart.

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