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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Generous Minds Learn Together

A key characteristic of a Generous Mind is being a life-long learner. This is because you can't continue to be generous with your ideas unless you are learning new things to begin with. However in your lives today learning is so hard to prioritize.

There are a few reasons for that. The first and most obvious is that we are to busy to learn. Another reason is that our culture tells us that we must project a sense of expertise in order to build influence. By always acting the expert we convince ourselves we don't need to learn any more. Finally, we don't learn because we struggle to find the content that will help us. There are many courses and trainings that just aren't the right fit.

Well, in our Generous Mind community we are committed to fostering learning in key areas related to sharing ideas. So we will be rolling out a series of courses using the TED-Ed platform over the next few months.

Our first course is a very important one on Empathy. We have found that people's ability to engage their communities and equip them to grow is defined by their ability to empathize with their communities.

So we hope you can take our course on Empathy and share with us how it has helped you be more generous with the ideas God has given you.

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