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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Generosity in the Face of Imperfection

What is one of the main reasons that people do not share their ideas? It's simply the fear and insecurity that we place on our work. We want it to be just right and it never is. So our work languishes in the shadows of our mind instead of becoming a beam of light to bless those who read it.

Our team at Generous Mind is passionate about helping people overcome this fear. Part of what we do is mentor authors as they seek to develop their cause, create their content and grow their community. One of the authors we are working with is Daniel Blackaby. He will be officially launching the first book of his fantasy trilogy next week. Make sure to join his communities and his journey.

We will share more about his book and his cause (Liberating the imagination) in the future. But today, we are highlighting one of his first blog posts on his Imagination Underground Railroad blog. Daniel does an incredible job of tackling this issue of fear in insecurity about a creative's work head on. In the post he poses this question, "...will the fear of imperfection or the joy of creativity rule the day?"

Daniel shares in his post "Prerequisite of Imperfection" that each of us is imperfect and that we have set a false standard in our work as creatives. His goal is to liberate us so that we can be generous. Well, he inspired us!

Make sure to read this post and ask yourself, "What fear or insecurity is holding you back from sharing your ideas, art, or other creative works?"

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