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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

10% of Your Ideas

"Be sure to set aside a tenth of all your fields produce each year." - Deuteronomy 14:22

Reading Deuteronomy has been a wonderful adventure in rediscovering the world God was creating for the people of Israel. His plan was to create an amazing country designed around his laws instead of ours.

As I read about God's expectations related to tithing, something caught my attention. He is speaking to agrarians who raise crops and livestock. And he tells them that "a tenth of all your fields produce" should belong to God. This meant all the things that were produced by the work of their hands must be taken into account as they give God His portion.

What does that look like for us today. We have mostly translated that into giving money. But I wonder, should we give God our ideas as well? What would that look like.

Well I think I know what that means:
1. Sharing with others ideas that will benefit their lives - tips, encouragements, how-to's, etc.
2. Helping others to brainstorm and think through the challenges they are facing.
3. Taking the areas where you have expertise and giving them to those in need and the Body of Christ.

I think this topic is especially important because so many of us work in the Idea Economy. We get our money and value from the ideas we develop and steward. Yet we seldom think of giving ideas away as part of the discipline of giving to God.

What would the world look like if the millions of knowledge workers were tithing their ideas? I would love to find out!

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