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Monday, March 05, 2012

Creating Opportunities to be Generous

We are convinced that most people want to be generous with their ideas. They just need an avenue to express themselves where they feel they can make a difference. But sadly there are very few avenues like that available to most people. Usually the pipelines of communication are tightly guarded by those who have worked hard to develop them.

But when an influential source opens up their channels to those whom they serve, it is amazing to see what flows out. That recently happened on a simple project we worked on with GMI (see more at GMI recently partnered with IVP to release the digital side of “The Future of the Global Church” by Patrick Johnstone. In the book, Patrick looks as the past, present and future of the global church and provides amazing statistics and insights.
But in all that data, where was the voice of the reader? Well, that is what we helped GMI to facilitate. We asked people to share in one word what they thought the Global Church would look like in 2050. Then we took the responses that came in and created a word map that GMI has just released.
This map brings to life the generosity of many people in a way that will now be an inspiring and prayer-challenging tool for countless others. The team also provided 5 simple ways that people can use the map in their daily lives and ministry. Take a moment to download the map and be abeneficiary of the generosity shown by the GMI community.

How is your organization using your influence and your channels of communication to equip your community to be generous?


Johanna Fenton said...

This is very nice, Jon and Mindy. I enjoyed sharing this via @theseedcompany and @oneverse. We saw several retweets. Thanks for being great examples of generous minds. I have learned much from you.

Jon and Mindy Hirst said...

We were very excited about this resource. Thanks for getting the word out! We have learned much from our interactions as well! Blessings