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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Conversation Piece

One of my favorite things in life is a good conversation. They are like magical moments that you can encourage, but not demand out of life. They are like a diamonds in the sands of small talk, waiting to be discovered.

Generous Mind wants to encourage good, thought-provoking conversation. That is why we came up with the idea of organizing Generous Mind conversations, putting the thoughts into a form that can be appreciated by others, and sharing them with people like you.

Our most recent conversation was on the topic of being On Call in Culture, which means to be engaged in the world doing good through your work and bringing God glory in the process. During two sessions, a total of four artists talked with us about what it means to be On Call in Culture in their area of art. We had a fine artist, a political cartoonist, a band member, and an organizing expert share on what their big dream for culture-change was through their work and how they contributed to culture on a daily basis.

Join in on the conversation at and contribute your thoughts. We would love to enjoy a conversation with you.


Global Nomad said...

Thanks so much Jon and Mindy for the excellent post. You are so right about conversations and their intrinsic beauty. My Saturday mornings I've designated as Wandering and Wondering times.

It has been amazing to see the conversations held and the folk contacted.

Will check up the conversation you highighted. Thanks for your Generous Mind concept....

Kind regards,


Global Nomad said...

Thanks for the Conversation Piece, Jon and Mindy,

Really appreciated reading the various contributions on the link-site.

Continuing to check out the Generous Mind site too.

Kind regards,

Global Nomad