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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Looking Back and Pressing Forward

We love New Years . . . why you ask? Well, it is such a rich time of sharing. We love to see all the top 10 lists, Best-of lists, Predictions lists and on and on. Many of you spent time looking back over 2011 and synthesizing what took place. Others focused on looking into 2012 and describing what you think will happen in this new year.

Either way, each of you who participated in this annual ritual were being Generous Minds. You were sharing your ideas and enriching the lives of others. At these key milestones in life, we have amazing opportunities to share ideas with others.

That is because other people have a felt need for what you have to share. As the year winds down, they are looking for insights and input into what was significant and what they can learn from the year's events. They are also looking to get insight into what will be coming up in the new year.

As a Generous Mind, you have the chance to step into that need felt by so many and share what God has put on your heart. Will you do take that opportunity?

Share with us your favorite year-end content so we can benefit from your generosity.

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