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Friday, January 27, 2012

Fear of Generosity?

I’m bad at choosing gifts—or at least it’s not easy for me to do. I wonder what the implications of a certain item are—if it sends a message other than that which was intended (usually, “You’re important to me”). Did I pay too much or too little? Does it reveal an assumption I’ve made of them by thinking they would want a certain something? And I think about all this before I even wonder if they will like it or not!
So, yes, I have a sort of fear of generosity in that I’m afraid of what the other person will think or say. I’m afraid of rejection. It’s like this with ideas too. What if something I share is criticized and devalued? What then? That’s a good question, what then? I’ll feel bad, but that is temporary and is up to me in a lot of ways. Should that stop me from sharing? No!
There are many roadblocks to sharing ourselves with others: busyness, laziness, fear. What holds you back from sharing your ideas?

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