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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Found: One Generous Mind at the Dentist’s Office

Going to the dentist’s office doesn’t seem like it would be a time to witness generosity. Fear, dread and anxiety, yes, but not generosity. But every time we go to our dentist, they are truly looking out for our best. Whether it’s trying to find whether we qualify for a discount or sending us home with a plate of special food they had from celebrating a birthday, they are giving by nature.

The generosity does not stop there. The most generous mind in the office is the dental hygienist. Most of the time, the hygienist working in your mouth is not concerned about your mind. They work in your mouth, making sure it is as clean as they can reasonably get it. But this lady is truly interested in letting you know all about your teeth. She gives you helpful tips about how to work with your kids on good tooth-habits, and explains why things are the way they are in regards to your teeth.

No matter what profession you are in, you can be a generous mind. Most of the time we think about the teacher or author, but we can all care about what another person knows and understands. We can enrich each other’s lives by sharing what we know. But most importantly, being a generous mind can be a form of loving one another.

When was the last time you shared what you knew with someone else? What was your motivation? Do you think God was using you to love the other person?

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