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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Thoughts from a Bowl of Goop

Orange goop slipped between my fingers and found its way under my nails as I diligently pinched each pumpkin seed into the bowl. This was going to be a big job and so my mind began to wander.

I started thinking about God and wondering, “Why do we love God when we can’t see him? What makes our hearts reach out to him?” I thought that maybe it was because he was our creator and created things always look to their creator with gratitude and love.

I thought about how it’s the same with kids and their parents. Even before they know whether their personalities would click or they would agree or even like each other…they love their parents with an unconditional love.

What creates that connection? Then I started thinking that in both cases, it’s because the one is essentially part of the other. Every created thing reflects its maker just as every child reflects the characteristics of both parents.

The song from my one of my earliest Sunday school memories began to play in my mind, “Oh, how I love Jesus, because he first loved me.” Of course. We love him because he loved us first. How simple. How true. We can love because of his love. We exist because of his love.

Some drama was brewing in the house and the noise finally drew me out of my thoughts. I rinsed the goop off my hands and left the wondering behind.

In the midst of the Halloween craziness, I hope you have time to let your mind wander into God’s spaces and realize how much he loves you and why you are mysteriously drawn to him.

When you think about God, what are the things that you wonder?

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