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Monday, October 31, 2011

Seven billion ideas and counting

It’s easy to see the number of people climbing and grow worried, but when you think about the potential of a person…the ideas they have, the love they have to offer, the contribution they can make to our world, it can be exciting too.

Just think of it—if every person had just one significant idea in their life, then seven billion people means seven billion significant ideas to work with! Sure we’re not all Einstein or Shakespeare or Martin Luther King Jr. We may not create major shifts in our world, but each of us affects our part of the world even if it’s in a small way.

And as the population grows, so our responsibility to capture ideas that will help others becomes more important. Matt Ridley has an interesting perspective on the situation in his book The Rational Optimist. Read Chris Marshall’s summary on Ridley’s thoughts. The idea is that innovation may help us solve the challenges of a growing population. Just think of it. The more people we have, the more ideas we have to build upon.

What one idea do you have that could help others even if in a small way?

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