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Thursday, September 08, 2011

What will bounce off your next idea?

Ideas are like a trampoline. Your idea is the material stretched to the point where anything that touches it bounces! You throw a book onto it, it bounces, a radio show, it bounces. Blog, movie, speaking opportunity; bounce, bounce, bounce.

But like a trampoline, unless something is bouncing on it there just this big round piece of mesh taking up space in your back yard. The idea by itself cannot accomplish its purpose. That’s where you come in. What can you throw onto your idea?

Maybe you have an idea to make your train ride more productive. What should you bounce off your idea? Maybe you can invent something. Then maybe you can start a blog about making better use of your time on the commute. You could write a book…or an e-book. You could even get an entire group of people excited about using their commute to accomplish a common goal.

You may need help making your idea useful. That’s normal. Most people need others to help get where they need to go. That’s where Generous Mind comes in. We want to walk alongside thought leaders like you to help get creative opportunities bouncing off your ideas. So get one out, stretch it, get ready, then throw some things on it and see what happens. We look forward to walking alongside you through the process.

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