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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Getting an Idea Ready for Bouncing

What is the first thing you should do when a new idea is brought to life? Most people dive in and begin trying to dissect it. But in reality we believe you should do the opposite. The first thing to do when you have an idea is to think bigger than the initial thought. Many times we have an idea, but it comes out as a small application in response to a specific challenge. It’s a little like coming upon a field of flowers after walking a long way. Trudging along, at first you are looking down and only see one purple bloom. In order to see the whole picture you need to look up.

This process of looking up could include asking yourself questions like, “What is the basic principle behind this idea?” “Is this bigger than one project?” and “What am I trying to accomplish here?”

Once you identify what that bigger principle is, you can begin asking, “What are some other ways I can apply these principles?” and “How else can I solve this problem?”

After you answer these questions, you can be sure that your idea will begin taking the shape of a trampoline—taut and ready. Now you can start throwing things onto your idea to see if they bounce. Begin by asking the generosity questions; “Who else would care about my idea?” “Who should care?” and “How can I get the message out to them?”

Once you have that, think about the ways you can communicate to those people in the most appropriate ways. Email, Twitter, a Website, texting, mail, Facebook. How about television, radio, magazines or newspapers? Have you considered doing seminars…maybe a book or a series of articles? A blog would be something to consider.

The opportunities are endless. You just have to get inside the heads of the people who would care about your idea. That shouldn’t be too hard…chances are they are a little like you. After all, you came up with the idea. Figure out how you can speak to them on an ongoing basis and start doing it. Try to get feedback so you can tweak your idea until it is the bounciest trampoline in the neighborhood. Then involve them in the process. When your idea is ready, you’ll have people already interested in what you’re doing.

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