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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Need Clarity? Tell Your Story!

Progress comes with a price. Our modern world saw so many amazing advances because we allowed many silos of expertise to grow and develop around us. "I'm a dentist." "I'm an expert in 20th Century Asian American Culture." "I know everything about Cocker Spaniels." We talk about this issue of silos in our book, Through the River.

One of the things lost in our focus on progress and areas of expertise is a sense for the larger story of our times, our professions and our lives. You can only find your story if you take down the silos around you and look at all the elements of your life together. Then you begin to see the narrative of your life in new and unique ways.

A great way to be a Generous Mind is to tell your story. Believe us, it is helpful to others as well as yourself. As you tell your story and weave together education, family, work, hobbies, learning, and other key aspects of your life, you will get many new insights into who you are and where you should focus your efforts. But your story also helps those around you. Through the telling of it, you will inspire others and give them new perspectives on their own stories.

Who could you tell your story to today?

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