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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Generosity After You Die

So I've been thinking about a simple question. "What happens to all your ideas, thoughts, and content when you die?" Well, for those famous people there are many a publishing deal to be made by agents and family members even if they have passed away. But what about us regular people?

Well, in reality, your ideas can have impact way beyond your years on earth. However, you have to be intentional. Lets think through a few important steps:
1. You need to keep your ideas well organized so that people can find them and utilize them.
2. As you get older, make it a point to do writing projects with younger people so that their writing will carry on.
3. Make very specific decisions about important ideas and put directions in your will so that your family can help carry them out.
4. Teach, mentor and share ideas with those who will benefit.
5. Use blogs, websites, books and other accessible mediums to present your ideas and make sure that others have the passwords so they can continue to maintain your content for you.

I hope these thoughts are helpful and that you will take the time to be deliberate with your ideas.

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