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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

You Don't Get to Choose the Setting

One of the things that is so basic about generosity is that you do not get to pick the time and place where it happens. That statement is probably a shocker to many of you. But think about it . . . if you pick the time or place to be generous with your ideas then who is in control? YOU!

One of the basic realities of generosity is that we loose control. Generosity requires that we forgo our agenda and submit to another person's agenda. That is why being on mission with God always leads to generosity. We are letting go of the control and giving God the opportunity to steer us into situations where we can share the ideas that He has put in our hearts.

This means that when God gives you a cool idea, you need to take three steps:
1. Thank God for giving you something so precious!
2. Prepare your mind to give it away when the Spirit leads.
3. When the opportunity arises, set aside everything else and share obediently.

But you have to prepare yourself intentionally or you will miss these opportunities.

So are you prepared to be generous with what God has given you, even if it is not on your terms?

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