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Friday, August 06, 2010

Remembering what we give to cherish what we recieve

"A generous man forgets what he gives & remembers what he receives." Unknown (to me)

You know how something sounds good at first and then as you process it more you begin to get more and more uncomfortable with it? I think that is what happened with this quote. As I think about generosity, I am more and more convinced that what we recieve is valuable because of the sacrifice of what we have given. Unless we remember the effort it took to give up that which we loved - an idea, funds, time, etc. - how can we put what we recieve in perspective?

What do you think?


Global Nomad said...

Thanks Jon and Mindy...

for your ongoing thought-provoking posts. Am sure many folk are reading them and are encouraged/ challenged.

Your profile was appreciated and I discovered some new resource sites which will be well used.

Your words about appreciating the generosity we receive are very valid. We miss so much in our lives by not being more generously reflecting on all the kindness shown to us in so many ways...


Global Nomad.

Global Nomad said...

Thanks Jon and Mindy...

for the ongoing posts that are so thought-provoking and challenging. I'm sure many folk are blessed through them.

Enjoyed your profile post and discovered some new resource-sites which will be well used.

You comments on generously appreciating the generosity shown to us are really valid.

Kind regards,