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Monday, July 19, 2010

Being generous with your virtual space

In the past few weeks two people have asked me to be a guest blogger for them (Here is the first one on Leadership and Publishing). I have been watching this trend grow quickly and am very pleased by it. Why?

When you build a community and a platform through a blog, that is your space that you have invested countless hours in nurturing and cultivating it. Your blog and the people that read it are a valuable resource in an idea economy.

So when you take the time to share your space with another thought leader, you are being a Generous Mind! You are telling this other person that you have enough faith in their ideas and writing abilities to open up your platform and audience to them. This is truly an act of generosity.

If you haven't viewed it that way, I challenge you to consider it. And if you have never invited someone to be a guest blogger in your digital space, then I hope you will seek out the opportunity!

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