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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Double Scoop of Generosity

We have a funny idea about generosity. Somehow we believe that generosity is limited. We assume that once a generous action is in play, that nothing can be added to it.

Recently I had a wonderful example of a double measure of generosity. I had taken our littlest one out for Baskin Robins with a coupon she had received from school. While there I noticed that 31 cent scoop day was coming up. We quickly put it on the calendar and made plans to attend this wonderful event!

On the day of this amazing sale, we lined up with the countless other people to enjoy as many of the 31 flavors as possible. Finally we got to the front of the line, picked our flavors and proceeded to the cash register. When Mindy tried to pay, the cashier said that the person in front of us had offered their change to pay for as many people as it would cover!

I couldn't believe it. In a moment of generosity, we received a extra measure of generosity that we did not expect. The funny thing was that I felt awkward about receiving it after already being given so much. I had this idea in my head that I did not deserve another gift.

Don't we all feel like that? As people generously bestow their ideas and thoughts on us, we sometimes want to hold up our hands and yell "TIME OUT"! Their gift seems like it is so much more than we deserve. In fact that is what Jesus did for us through His act of sacrifice and love, wasn't it?

So next time you are blessed with an idea from someone, don't get stuck into thinking that the generosity cup is full. Expect that the God who fills our cup to overflowing will generously invest new ideas into your life just like He invested in our ice cream adventure.

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